Those Were The Days

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Ken Long, United States

When I was about 8 or 9, I can remember Sunday evenings. My Mom would be cooking up supper(usually pork steaks) the smell was incredible and something I will never forget.
After supper me and my older sister would argue about what to watch on t.v. , Walt Disney or The Six Million Dollar Man.
Me and my older brother would build tree forts and ride our Shwinn bikes like Evel Kienevel. We did not have A/C so when it got hot in the summer, Mom would wet our sheets down in the tub and we would sleep on them.
We had an Uncle that lived in Kansas and we would all climb into the stationwagon that felt like it was 100 feet long and was in 2 different time zones to visit him. Heaven forbid if Dad had to stop, so if me and my brother had to pee we would go in a pepsi bottle so Dad could make "Good Time"
So many things have changed since I was a kid, I wish I could let me daughter experience what it felt like to have a bottle of pop that came in a glass bottle and was only 8 oz. not a route 44 oz at sonic. Soda pop was a treat.
I can still feel the bubbles tickle my nose as I tip it up for a sip.
Those were the days......

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