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My dad is one of a kind, i remember when i was younger i used to go out fishing with him we used to go on a charter boat to catch all different sorts of fish, i remember one fishing trip really well, i was really confident about catching fish so i used to stick more hooks on my line, we were fishing for cod and i put more feathers on then i was meant to i ended up hooking to many fish to be able to pull the line in, the skipper was a cockney kind of bloke and went mad at me my dad was laughing but gave up his fishing to help me get the fish in hehehe.
I remember going out on his boat that he used to have called Philomena and we went out one day fishing i hung a line over the boat with just a hook and worm on determined to catch some fish, just as we were packing up i went over and checked the line and found a fish on the end i was so pleased.

I remember going out to fly a kite with him one day and the kite took off and ended up in someones garden, yet again my dad went to the rescue and got it back for us.

I miss those times now, i remember my dads addiction to some sweets called cherry lips and on every Saturday morning me and my sister would get some pocket money and go to the local sweet shop to buy cherry lips, then we used to come home lick the cherry lips to make a big tower of them and sell them on to my dad :) .

Like alot of marriages now days unfortunately my parents split up in the year 2000 i did not really understand it that well but it was hard for the whole family, my dad moved to Bristol and i used to see him most weekends, i did miss him alot though.

He then met a wonderful lady on the Internet, she lived in America and he went back and forth for a while, then one he asked me how i would feel about him moving to America i was unsure at the time and still am to be honest but the thing that made me most happy was seeing my dad happy, he has been out there for a long time now and i miss him every day, i speak to him almost everyday and he is teaching me how to make money from the Internet, investing in me and helping me loads.

i see him every single year and love spending time with him we still go fishing and do stupid men things. Every time i leave i get that big lump in my throat and hold it all back but just look forward to seeing him again.

I am 20 now and cant wait to be a dad if i am anything close to mine i know i will be OK, i am sure my kids will love my dad like i do and i think he will love being a grandad.

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