The Cold War Years

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John B, United States

Cold War Years- As a member of the Strategic Air Command we were ready to launch aircraft and missiles to destroy an enemy. I was involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Soviets had placed missiles in Cuba. I was stationed in Europe at this time. All of our bombers were lined up with pilots sitting and waiting for the signal to launch our nuclear attack. Grown men were almost in tears because we knew if we launched nuclear against the USSR they in turn would launch against the USA. We would have no home to return to and it would be the end of America. It was a very close call , and we avoided nuclear war, but it could have gone the other way and none of us would be here to read this!

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  1. John I would like to thank you for sharing that , we forget how close it was during that period in our history to a nuclear war which no body would have won

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