Back In The 1960's

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Big Big Mama B, Back In The 60's

Back in the 60s I was right in the center of things,and I am currently working on my book about my adventures. I was with one of the members of the Seekers for nearly two years,but we split unhappily. I was propositioned , in a well known West End, London night club called Dollies, by a very unkempt,rude slightly high,unshaven musician,who had ignored the fact I had a boyfriend but sleezily confronted me on the dance floor, saying in a soft Liverpudlian accent Give meyour telephone number, I want to go to bed with you" I was disgusted at his rudeness, his name... Paul, YES , Sir Paul MacCartney. I gave him short shrift, he retreated hurt, and whispered into John Lennons´ ear, John roared out laughing, Paul left the club in a big sulk, as he was used to getting his own way. Huh ? This is true.


  1. Hi , Thanks for the memory Big Mama B , When you finish your book and get it published let as know and we will put the information in your post


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