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I am Not Telling, True Confessions Skipping School

Having read the true confessions and realised I could post without leaving my name I thought I would add this to your collection.

Skipping School like all kids specially boys My brother and I hated school so would skip whenever we got the chance. I went to a Navy School in Malta when I was 9 to 11 as my dad was stationed in Malta in the RN. The school I went to was called Tal Handaq ( think that is right but it was nearly 50 yrs ago ). Each morning the school bus would collect us from Mosta Dome and take us to school but if anybody has spent time in Malta they will know that the beach is never far away so we would but a large bottle of drink a big bag of peanuts and strike off to the nearest beach which was Salini Bay and spend the day swimming and messing about making sure school uniforms were safe , later we would walk back across the fields eating the odd Water Melon on the way to get back to Mosta just in time and go home.

Now we got away with this loads of times until the fateful day arrived that meant we had to make a decision to save an animal or get away with truancy. While on the way home we found a Kestrel that had been shot and had a broken wing and we thought if we took it home mum would suss us but would help us save it so that's what we did we caught it and wrapped it in our school jackets and took it home. needless to say my mum sussed straight away what we had been up to and grounded us from the beach for a week ( That was like having your arm cut off to us kids ) . But she did help us nurse the kestrel which we kept in our outside loo and fed it bits of steak ( wearing very thick gloves ) after 12 months he was well enough to go back into the wild so may be it was worth mum standing at the school bus stop every day to check we got on the bus.

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