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My children asked me today what foods I had when I was a kid, so I sat down and tried to remember the different things I ate as a kid. Most I wouldn't eat now but after I listed them we did go out and buy some Bananas and custard and they loved it

Bananas in custard
Banana sandwiches
Luncheon meat sandwiches
Spam sandwiches
Weetabix with hot milk
Lemon curd sandwiches
Fried Tomatoes on Toast with loads of salt and pepper
Bacon Butties ( sandwiches )
Sausage Sarnies ( sandwiches )
Marmite and Lettuce Sandwiches
Marmite and Beef Dripping ( Even I wouldn't eat that now )
Chukkie Eggs with soldiers ( for you Americans that's boiled eggs with bread cut into small strips to dip into the egg )

My Mums favourites food she fed us
Corned-beef hash we stopped eating corned beef after the scare from all the bad cans of corned beef from Argentina.
Shepherds Pie
Liver and Onions
Stuffed Sheep Heart
Mums Home Made Bread Pudding ( She was the best )

When I look back and think about it my staple diet was sandwiches on white stodgy bread maybe thats why I am a little overweight now ( or thats my excuse anyway )

Leave your comments with stuff you grew up with

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  1. Thats the first time I have come across anyone else who grew up on fried tomatoes with lashings of salt and pepper. Did it have anything to do with boarding school? Its still an early moring favourite but crispy bacon is essential to complete the experience. Does anyone remember the breakfast cereal Vibixa (not sure of the spelling)?