Childhood Memories

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Ragdar, USA, My Childhood Memories
As a child I grew up poor thus things that happened within my life seemed to come with great meanings and have large impacts on my thoughts.
Simple things dominated my life as I did not have many complex things around me to complicate life. Things like a beautiful flower or a beautiful sunset were things that impressed me much while others seemed to be impressed by other things like TV or movies. I had a partner in life and that my old terrier dog named Monster. I had a three wheeled trike and later in childhood I had a bike that I used to ride too the four winds. My world was limited by the distance I could pedal the bike and the thousands of things I could experience along the journey. Other memories I recall is the mystery of the sound of rain falling on an old tin roof and the shaking of the earth when it thundered. the things that frightened were the things I did not understand. The noise at night that could be anything was a fear I lived with many times


All these things that meant so much to me as a child still mean a lot to me as an older person. The sunsets, the flowers and the sound of rain have never lost their magical experience, even today as old as I am. I still ride a bike and I still like to go back in time and memory to days when I was a child. Those were good memories.

I would love to know your childhood memories.

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