60s and 70s were way cool

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The 1960's were way cool, I am a mom of almost 47, so that tells you right there when I was born. I had loved the 50's from the point of view of a child. We had some of the best toys, Barbie was just begining to come out with new types of Barbies, for girls in our age groups, who could get enough. They looked so pretty with the pink boxes, and the theme, but it was the being able to hear Barbie and her cool messages at the time that really got me excited. We had the best toys ever, anyone who came upo in that time frame would have to remember The Dawn Doll, and if I am correct, there were another bunch of smaller dolls, with Jessica in the name, they were a collection. Then lest see everyone had to have skipper, the ring you put around your ankel, and just kept jumping until you couldn't jump any longer. Also popular amongst our kids of that generation, was Jacks and Pick-Up Sticks, they don't ever go out of style. What about Klic-Kalcs, then they started to come out with cool things on the inside of them. Our generation was one of the most innocent, even though things were going on politically, it was a great time to be a kid, because so many of the parents were still under the influence of the homogenous 50's, the taste we had in music was still serene. You had Lawrence Welk and shows like Ted Mac Amerture Hour, I can still remember, "Patty and her Prancing Poodles". We were kids when we still believed in goodness and fairness in people, and you gave people the benefit of the doubt. People were not dumb, but were not on edge either. We had problems that would become apparent latter in the decade, one of problems I remember was the brother of the late President John F.Kennedy being shot. I would also look at The Reverened Martin Luther King on a fuzzy black and white television and listen to his famous "I Have a Dream Speech", even though to the horror of that generation, he would latter be assignated. Leaving many of the people in the black community to feel they had lost one of the greatest leaders the world had ever known. There would latter be the death of Jimi Hendrix, who I did not have the slightest idea who he was, and then latter the death of Janis Joplin, as far as the culture goes, this signaled a change in the social climate. Going into the Seventies was more about being tuned in, at 10 in 1970, it was more about fashion since I would be in 5 th grade, or maybe even 6 th ohh, the bad middel school years. Half of your class is still in geekdom, half of the boys have now hit puberty, and you heard akward expressions such as "woody", of course I got it, I wasn't dumb, but you still didn't talk about that kind of stuff yet, not until... at least thirteen. Then by that time, you hoped your parents had the little talk, but for children of the, "Children should be seen and not heard generation" go tell thier parents that puberty was fast approaching, and never did you see a bunch of parents do a about face, and put a blank face on as if to say, "what in the heck are you talkin about". Come back when your thirty and we'll talk more. People were still embarrassed to speak about sex openly with thier children. Even though the "new" culture was exploiting the subject ot he max. Movies like, "Deep Thorat" would come out, while I was still in the innocent eighth grade. I had no idea what reference the title implied. There was such a dramatic change, by the time I would turn thirteen, a new wave of movies were out, "The Graduate" and the "Summer of 42" seemed to start to look at different attitudes regarding sex. Still yet, our generation was idealistic, the realities were in that time frame, regarding social change, dealings with Vietnam, The Nixon Years, The Ending of Vietnam Conflict, the new feminism, people divorcing, and the idea of living together would become tolerated. It was indeed an interesting time, as adolecents we Rock and Rolled, and then went into Disco. Nobody can ever forget some of the classic Rock and Roll that came out of that generation or the impact of the "BeeGees" with thier "Saturday Night Live" debut. It forever changed the image of the hippie world, with tie-die, jeans,fringes, and peace signs, to low round neck-lines, flare polyester, liesure suits, and more disco attire. What can I say, I grew right up through songs like "Magic" just imangine being 14 years old, in 1974. There are no words to describe it.


  1. reading your potted thoughts from the 70's just makes me realise how much times have changed and also bring back great memories of wispering about deep throat in the school playgrounds not even knowing what it meant iether just knowing my parents thought it was disgusting so I suppose I must have thought it was great

  2. I greatly enjoyed reading your work! I accidently stummbled on it looking for information on how music effected the culture of the 60s and 70s for an essay. I'm glad I did. You gave me, one of the 90s generation, a look of what in was like when my mom was my age.