Children Leaving The Nest

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Carol ,United States, College Day and children leaving the nest

It seems like only yesterday we took our oldest daughter of to start her college life, and moved her most precious possessions to the college dorm, they included a stuffed seal she has had for 17 years from her grandma and some photos of us and her growing up and then all the normal things like mobile phone, laptop and clothes. But the most important part of the day was the emotions felt by us and her of joy and sadness. Excitement and fear and Love and knowing she will not be there to smile at me or me to smile at her. And as we were driving home all the memories of her growing up just made me cry more the wonder of birth, the first day taking her to school, the birthdays, and there were just so many the tears they wouldn't stop coming as I realised that from now on instead of being her protector against all things evil in the world, she would need to shoulder that burden more herself , I hope and pray we have prepared her well for the world and she is strong enough for the task.
The reason this is now in my memory is my youngest daughter is now ready and has chosen her college and will leave us in September , I am not looking forward to it as it will leave us with an empty house after 20 years with children as such an important part of our lives.

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