Smoking anywhere and everywhere in the 50s

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SA, TEXAS, USA, Cigarettes in the 50's

Smoke!Smoke!Smoke!(That Cigarette) Merle Travis wrote the cigarette song back in the 40's.I was about ten years old, the war had just ended and it seemed as if the world was singing this song as they lit up and kept time with each puff. Smoke rings swirled around in the picture show, in the streetcar, in the bus, walking down the street, airplanes, the doctor's office, hospital, hospital rooms and all the resturants and clubs. Here is my favorite verse and chorus from the song. But nicotine slaves are all the same At a pettin' party or a poker game Everthing gotta stop while they have a cigarette chorus Smoke,Smoke,Smoke that cigarette Puff,Puff,Puff till you smoke yourself to death. In the '50's if some group had decided they would dictate whether one could smoke or not, they would have been tared,feathered and run out of town. By the way; I'm not a smoker.


  1. Yea, smoking may seem fun but, look how many people have died from cigarettes and from second hand smoke since the 1950's. In my saying, it is a person's choice to smoke.

  2. Only if everyone knew what cigarettes done to a persons lungs they may not have smoked.