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This is truly a fantastic memory from a Man who helps us to understand what is was like in the depression years of the 30's and needs to shared

I had Very vivid memories of my childhood some good some bad, when I was little a circus came to town and I wanted to see it , I had no money so I snuck in under the canvas the circus and I got caught. So as a result they made me part of their act and they put me on this horse and I didn't know it put they put pants on me that were big and lifted me up and the pants fell off. I can always remember my mother used to make zachinky and that's a poor food, and I hated it , she didn't have any money to make it was just boiled dough as thick as your finger and that's what we ate and that was horrible stuff. We lived in a poor section of Amsterdam New York and for Christmas my mother gave me a little red wagon, I knew that we were poor so I just made it a point to go into the city and to go into the back yards of furniture stores and so forth to pick up these boxes for heating and I remember one day I was near a police station and the policeman took my hand and I thought he was going to arrest me for taking these boxes and instead he put a bushel of food into my wagon and I thought that was pretty good so we had some food.

I spoke to Edd for a while after this video was made and he truly is a wonderful man who should be an example to us all and help us realise how lucky and privileged we are today. We take for granted so many things like education which he did not have the opportunity of until a few years later

I would like to thank him so so much for sharing his memories for this and future generations.

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  1. I think this video is lovely I am trying to find ideas for a gift for Nan who is going to be 80 soon and think that if there was a DVD of lots of people talking about their memories like this, would be the perfect gift.

  2. This man was so so kind to do this video some people would be shy to do this.

  3. Ed I would like to thank you for taking the time to tell us about what it was like to be a kid in the 1930's.

  4. I am not from the depression era. My Dad told me about the bad times and when you could not even buy a job. He also reminded me not to complain about paying income taxes, as he was always grateful to pay some taxes, as that meant he was working and making money. We used to eat rolled boiled dough also, but Mom would finish them off, by frying them in a pan sprinkled with cinnamon and suger. I don't remember what she called them but I actually like them. I actuall forgot eating them. Ed, Thanks for the memory!
    The good old days weren't perfect but they still provided some real nice memories!
    My grandmother, always said the best days were today and then tomorrow! The good old days weren't that good, for most of us!
    Bob, just a kid of 68!

  5. my grandmother is 87, and was only a young girl at the time of the depression, but told me she had to line her shoes w/ cardboard the soles were all torn, and she mentions the bread lines, and how my great grandma, her mother, would can fruits, and make candy to sell, make some kind of money, and she would sew curtains for people, then she didn't have a pot to pee in, yet brought bums in off the street and let them eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever- everyone pulled together at that time, if only we could use the same techniques in the world today-it wouldn't be so bad- God forbit we have to ever go thru depression in this day and age, we would never make it! God help us all!