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Debbie , USA The Dust Bowl Years

I didn't live during the 30s, but my Mother did and she experienced the dust bowl.
It may have only impacted Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Kansas directly, but it was a major event which isn't mentioned on the this sites list of events.
Many farmers lost their farms and they and their families were made homeless and the migration to California began. Dust storms so severe that the sun was blocked out were daily occurences.
It was a big deal, partly caused by irresponsible land developers and farming techniques that weren't appropriate for the time.
Any dust bowl survivors out there? I'd like to see your memories here


  1. Debbie,

    I was simply searching on sites for information to put into an address that I will be reading at my father's surprise 80th birthday party tomorrow night. I saw your comments and couldn't help but respond. I am amazed that there is no information about a period and event that affected so many lives. My father was born in Oklahoma and he and his family left in 1937 to go to California as part of the great migration. He has only shared some of his stories and they are funny and heart wrenching. I asked him once to tell me about leaving Oklahoma and a few months later while I was in the hospital he brought me a copy of John Steinbeck's "the Grapes of Wrath." It is the greatest book written about this period of time and about these people.
    Since the party is a surprise (with people coming from California who he graduated high school with in 1945) I haven't been able to talk to him about all that I have found on the internet about this, the lack of information from people who lived it, concerning the dust bowl or all of the U.S. Navy groups that he can look up old Navy buddies with and get in contact with. Thank you for your interest and hopefully I can get my father more interested in the internet when he sees that he can add something to it.

    From Midwest City in the Great State of Oklahoma.


  2. I remember waking up and there being piles of sand of my blanket.

  3. Hi all,

    I am strating to add more information on this subject as I am going through building the
    The This Day In History Section, and picked up a great news item the other day , It is difficult to find much documenting this

    but there is a good news story on


    and below are a couple of quotes

    The dust storms were so severe that people could taste the dirt and other substance in their food at dinner time. Furthermore, clouds of dust were so thick that it blocked the light of the sun.

    Homeowners and/or renters were advised to plug their window sills and door jams as well as hang wet sheets over doors and windows. However, it was nearly impossible to make an area 100% dust-free.

  4. Dear Susan: I would love to interview your father over the phone for a History Channel Special on the Dust Bowl, if you could drop me a line william@engelentertainment.com I'd appreciate it!