Beatles performance in City Park Stadium

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Vince Caronna, USA, Beatles Concert in the 60's

I was there the night of the Beatles performance in City Park Stadium. I was 13 years old and it was my first concert. My father was a pretty well known promoter and manager of such stars as Frankie Ford and Roland Stone. He had an in with the local radio stations and got our tickets for free. The thing I remember most was that some of the people rushed the stage and the local police on horseback, most of them, cracked some heads with billie clubs, men or women, boys or girls, it did't matter. There was blood everywhere, on the young people, the police got away with cruelty, that would not be allowed today. The Beatles themselves, were hard to hear above all the girls screaming. They did have some other acts before the Beatles, but I can't remember which ones played. I will always remember the experience though, It was unreal. Thanks, Vince Caronna

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  1. I was one of the teenagers who rushed the stage. I even made it to the top of the car the Beatles were in when leaving. I was not beaten nor did I see any blood. Sorry, but all my recollections are of a young girl gone wild with excitement to be near her idols and are still wonderful to this day. Nothing bad happened around me!

    (and my boyfriend)

  3. Well Beatles are amazing to a limit led zeplin are my all time favourite tho and beatles are very close eagles are very nice to !! :p

  4. Honestly bra, the Beatles are definitely better than Zeplin and the Eagles (though i agree that both of the previous are legendary)...but again, think about the long lasting effect that the Beatles have had on society and society's musci...they were far more influential than the any other band of the era.

  5. led zeplin was the greatest rock band in the world. jimmy page was a god.