Growing up in New York in The 30s

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B , Sudan, Growing up in New York in The 30s
I remember when i was a young girl growing up in new york, my father worked as a doctor. We would always have people in our apartment, getting fixed up.Around depression time, my dad, Joshuah Grant was shot and killed when he was on a train to caliofornia. My mother and my 5 sisters and 6 borther were left with out a father, and she was left wth out a job. Our family struggled. My eldest sister Herminie got the plauge and die, giveing the deisie to my 2 younger brothers grants and emil,they also died. The thing that i rememberwas on christmas,i woke up,and there was a toy pony. Mygrandma had sent it from England. We were immigrant from there. The toy ended up being stolen,along with my sister shyanne ellen louis.Life was very tough.

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  1. that's sad.. was her sister kidnapped?

  2. Right!!! was she kidnapped?? Oh my wow. wow.