meeting the girl of my dreams in chatroom

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I just read your story... and it happened the same to me.. well kind of. I decided to start studying English on my own three years ago and I got on one of those chatrooms where you can improve your knowledge in English and you can help English speakers who want to learn how to speak Spanish so I got on this chatroom and I started talking to this girl...she was just different and I added her on my MSN contact list, we talked for a while and wow she was really BEautiful...I fell in love with her, she said I was crazy so she blocked me and two months later my msn Account was highacked so I had to get a new account and I did.. and the ony email I could remember of all the English speakers I had on my contact list... it was HERS.. so I added her and we started talking again (I never told her I was the same guy from before, She knows already though)and well she fell in love with me, it was pretty hard in the beginning because she was not interested in a long distance relationship (I live in venezuela and she lives in the USA) and well a couple months later after trying to convince her that it would work out.. she accepted to be my girlfriend and after TWO years here we are together... she is sitting right next to me and we are getting engaged soon! :) isnt that great?

it was really nice reading your story!

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