Back In the 70's

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Kristen, United States

Back in the 70's, our town was a lot smaller.

Our favorite summer activity was renting Roller Skates at a neat shop downtown and spending the day Skating around town, thru the parks and even in the stores.

Summer jobs picking Strawberries in the hot hot sun, saving our money to buy a Record Ablum.

Spending a quick half hour playing Atari before having to give my Dad the TV for the evening news! (of course, back then a half hour out of a week was about all we had anyway)

Playing with the neighbor kids until sundown when my folks would ring the large dinner bell hanging on the back deck. We could hear it from a large distance away!

My neighbor friends (girls) and I would attempt to out build Forts that the neighborhood boys would do. Spending hours venturing into the deep woods surounding our homes.

I remember helping my Dad out at the GAs Station he owned. I had to use a stool just to stand high enough to clean a part of a customers window, but I felt very proud.

I remember playing on the Car lift in the Stations Garage with my Brother, and a few times, once he got me up high enough, he would run off and leave me there!

I remember summer evenings our family would sit in lawn chairs in the FRONT of the house outside the Garage, just like all the other neighbors.

As I recall, our neighbors were allowed to yell at us too if we did things wrong. And when we got into trouble at home, my Dad made us walk to our friends, crying, to tell them we couldnt play that day.

On Birthdays, we got the "Spanking Machine". All your friends at the party lined up to spank you. I have some great pictures of me red faced in tears during those times! I hated Birthdays!

I remember when my parents would go out to dinner. They always smelled so good, and Dad in his Blue Leisure suit was so handsome.

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  1. What a great memory Kristen, sounds like it was a good time and place to be young and growing up.

    Your brother sounds like he kept you on your toes, mind you I bet it helped you toughen up as well