Times were so much simpler In The 50's

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Texas, United States

Morning devotional time in school;
Mother at home when we got home,
respecting authority,
feeling safe and my summer job at the drugstore fountain.
Making Cokes of all flavors: cherry, vanilla, lime, lemon & chocolate! Banana splits, malts, milkshakes, sundaes and ice cream cones.
Imagine a banana split for 35 cents!
That early training gave me a great head start in learning about human nature and the value of a dollar!
Times were so much simpler then. I wish we could bring most of it to today!

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  1. I think life as a child was much better then even though we did not have computers or mobile phones and no internet we learnt to ammuse ourselves with whatever we had available .

    Also I think children today are under more pressure from peers , school testing and the media so I agree some of those basics would be nice to see again