Family Of 8 In The 50s

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Bonnie, United States

I grew up in a family of 8, Mom and Dad and one brother and four sisters.
We did not have much, but we never missed what we never had. We went around bare-footed most of the time, played in the rain, and fought like cats and dogs. We were happy.

Its funny, but I cant remember any of us ever really getting sick or breaking any bones. We used to play ball with a stick and a rolled up ball of paper or cardboard, and it was fun! We also played hopscotch and marbles.

We played pretend grownups and and all of the sisters were named Miss Inon, and our children always had to outdo the others children. Pretend playing, or dreaming was part of growing up for us.

I remember our living room only had so much seating , so when you got up from a seat, you had to verbally call "saved" so no one could get your seat, if you forgot to call "saved" you lost your seat and had to sit on the floor. I remember black and white television. Sky King, Hazel, Mighty Mouse were a big hit in our house.

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  1. sounds like a hoot , great fun and lots of love in the family, are you all still close now