Bray Road Wolf 1995

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Callie, United States

It was the spring of 1995 and we had just moved into our new home on Bowers Road in Elkhorn, Wisconsin with the help of my in laws.

My sister in law, Kathy and three of her young children drove back to the apartment in Lake Geneva to clean up and it was on our way back to the new home via Bowers Road that it happened.
I drove a 1989 Cougar with two doors and bucket seats. As I was flying down the road at dusk as it was about 7pm, something large, black, hairy and with screaming teeth attacked the car.
It hit the passenger side of the car with such a force that it caused me to lose some control of the car and which I quickly gained back as I slowed down a bit.

The girls and Kathy screamed and Kathy scrambled over the center and almost crawled in my lap.

We looked behind us and saw nothing and so continued on our way back to the new home, which was only about 3 miles away.

We laughed at ourselves and how silly we were for being scared. The men at home said we were silly and had probably just hit a deer.

That was until we all saw the claw marks over the passenger door and rear quarter panel of my car.

I eventually blew it off until I started meeting other Mothers in Zoe's school. When I mentioned we lived on Bowers Road, they often asked if I was near Bray Road and I responded "Yes". One day a mother had said to me, "You live near the Bray Road Werewolf." What? The Bray Road Werewolf?

I decided to check this out myself and hit the local library and sure enough there was an entire file packed full of articles of encounters and sightings of the creature with many in the early 1990's.

There were so many at this time that the local Elkhorn Taverns had often hosted Werewolf Parties.

There was even a cheap B movie made about it. Hindsight, they say, is 20/20 and I believe now that this thing that attacked my car with such force may have been this such creature. It was not a bear, it was too powerful and large to be a dog and it certainly was no deer.

The latest sighting of this creature was near the Hartford area here in southeast Wisconsin only just last November.

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