Everything Was Nice In The Early 60s

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Debora, United States

I just remember how nice everything was in the early to mid 60s.

People dressed up more - especially for holidays, had better manners, did not use profanity, and the family did things together.

If you needed something on Sunday, you were out of luck because the stores were closed!

My memories: going to the hotdog stand, fish fry on Friday nights, going downtown (before mall invasion), movie theaters when they were luxurious with red velvet drapes and people applauding at the end of the movie.

4 TV channels that you got up to change, ice cream socials, moms and grandmothers who cooked from scratch, the coolest cars ever, sweater chains, shoe stores with personal service, my sister rolling her hair with empty orange juice cans, transistor radios, singing to the Supremes with a hairbrush as a microphone, West Side Story - "when you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way, from your first cigarette to your last dying day! bah bah bah bah!", gas station attendants who actually pumped gas for you, our first color TV, our first stereo that looked like a coffee table with marble inlay, my mother's many variations on the bouffant hairdo and making me get one too!

Today, it seems like we are a much more distracted society who needs constant entertainment ...back then, a good time was a simple thing. I have so many wonderful memories of growing up then, and am glad that I lived in a town as safe as Mayberry.

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  1. You brought back some very fond memories for me Debora. Thanks for posting--the vivid mind pictures (yep,my sister put orange juice cans in her hair too!) were so fun.