1968 My Personal Struggle

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Anon, United States

I graduated in 1968 and recieved a small scholarship for college, but when I informed my father he told me girls did not need college and refused to help with fees.

I was forced to go and find a job paying $1.75 per hour and found my own appartment and bought my first car an old Oldsmobile Super 88 ( the car was already 15 years old when I bought it ) and it kept going for another 10 years. It was hard trying to survive on my own and learning about car insurance and paying bills. But I grew up more in 1 year than I had in all the years before. I still regret not having the opportunity to go to college but not what I learned and saw as a woman fresh out of highschool. I do remember some of the political struggles happening at that time but I think most of my focus was spent on me struggling to make my own way in life.

How times have changed for the youth of today mostly for the better

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