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The 50's. Building go carts, sledding, staying out til the street lights came on, summers playing out all day. No tv during the day, just fun with your friends. We never died drinking after our friends. Don't dare break the law. Our parents punishment was worse than what the police might say or do. The Mr. Softee truck. Now kids are into drugs, smoking, free sex and whatever else they say is fun. How I wish they could experience one summer of the 50's. Maybe things would be different than now.

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  1. I also grew up in the 50's experiencing the same life. It was wonderful. My parents were respectful and committed to each other. However, due to lack of affection and understanding by the time the late sixties arrived I, too, became a rebel and used anything to blur the feeling of not being understood. I don't think it is the era of upbringing but the parenting skills that shape and direct children. I raised two great kids by using my own experience of what I lacked in order to assure they felt loved and understood enough that they did not need to seek out the things that I needed to. I am sorry that technology and society changed so that a child could not experience playing in the dirt or at the least feel safe in their environment. Here is my theory; For one entire semester in one's senior year of high school it should be required to spend this time living off the land without modern technology. To communicate with peers, nature, and themselves without interference could probably change one's life.