70s Growing Up and Play Parks Safety

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Mogues, United Kingdom

I remember perpetual scabs on my knees because the play parks had concrete on the ground (not this spongy stuff) if you fell over, or fell off something it hurt. Everything was metal and not covered in rubber and slides were high, you really shot off the end. We learnt that life hurts if you don't take care of yourself, a necessary and useful lesson and the earlier it's learnt the better. We loved it, it was great to test that gravity really did exist. I sometimes see my own kids playing and wonder if all this 'safe' stuff doesn't take away some of the fun and adventure.

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  1. I think one of the reasons I truly love running this site is when I get two memories one after the other seperated by oceans, gender and generation but still giving an insight into growing up which others will find interesting to read.
    So Thank You Cindy and Mogues for taking the time to share your childhood memories