Past Is A Roadmap To Today

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The past is a road map to our life and times now, [ if you don't know were you have been, how do you know were you are going] sometimes i think that the people of the USA,where i live. have a d d! i say this because i remember sitting in a line to get gas, i was 17 at the time [1974] to this day i drive a 4 cyl car. my wife and i have 3 boys and never needed an SUV or minivan to get around, but some how people forgot the gas lines of the 1970s.
Had we remembered the gas lines and drove small cars would gas be $5 a gal now. at the time gas was 35 cents a gal, and over night it went to 50 cents, when you could get it.
I was living in the town of San Mateo 30 miles South of San Francisco, my step dad stopped driving to work and took the train to the city and I had to take the bus to school. fights broke out over gas and people trying to cut in front of the line, thing were bad. a big car that sold for $2500 now sold for $500. my point,remember were you have been so you don't end up some place you don't want to be

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