boy going on 12 in 1968

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kf6rck, United States

I was a boy going on 12 in 1968, I grew up in San Francisco and saw a lot of things that if I grew up in the mid west I would not have seen, like the dead in golden gate park, there was so much pot smoke in the air you would get hi just being there. as a kid I was somewhat of a loner, a book worm in to jazz, underground FM radio and underground movies.

I too marched to stop the war, until one day I saw this hippy girl go after some guy on market street, he was a Private in the army walking with his duffel bag, he was not more then 19 or 20, she called him a baby killer and spit on him. it made so mad I wanted to go up and hit her, I didn't.

looking back on it I should have! he did not start the war, did not want to be there and was on his way to get his butt shot off.

I felt bad for him! today I think the same way we must stop this war, but thank god for people who go to fight it.

I also remember the stock market broke a 1000 points, the news paper strike of 1968, the D N C in Chicago, the loss of Dr. King and bobby Kennedy. the start of gun control, dose it work? I think not, just look at the crime rate in a place like Oakland,ca. sometimes I think this is not the country I grew up in, it is but then it is not. but if we keep up the debate pick sides, read rather then depend on sound bites and vote, vote,vote. our country will last for ever, but it is up to us! there is a movie called 1776 in it John Addams asked dose anybody see what I see, dose anybody care? yes John, we do.

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