Charlie's Shake Shop Mukwonago

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TheSnackHound, United States

Does anyone remember Charlie's Shake Shop in Mukwonago, Wisconsin from the 80's?. It was either first a bike shop and then a shake shop, or was a bike shop after it closed. I would love it if folks would stop by, read, and then share their memory on thepeoplehistory! Link to the story:

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  1. I spent about a week in Mukwonago in the mid-80's ('85 or '86 I think) at a youth leadership conference. We made one trip into town (not that there was really much of a town) and went to Charlie's for pizza and milkshakes. I remember it being really good. Of course, this was after 5 or so days of camp food. Mukwanago is the only town in Wisconsin that I have spent any substantial time in. Fast-forward some 28 years, give-or-take, and I get a call from a customer looking for a particular product made by Bonstone (they specialize in repair chemicals for masonry). I find their info on the internet and give them a call. After speaking with them a couple of times and then emailing, I notice that they are in, of all places, Mukwanago. The next time I call, I ask if Charlie's is still around, and it's dead silent for a moment. The woman on the other end asks, "are you from around here?" I laugh a bit and say "no, I just spent a week at camp there in the mid-80's". Sadly it had closed some years before.