Fear During The Cold War

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kf6rck, United States

The only thing we have to fear is, fear it self. (F.D.R.) 1933.
I live by those words, they have seen me though some hard times, FDR was right.

The first time I saw fear was in october of 1962, some fool put missiles on cuba and aimed them at the USA I was 5 years old at the time and the grown ups around me were very frightend, they talked of world war 3
I remember my mom spending more time in church, my dad a blue collar democrat was saying we should have bombed the comme's when we bombed the japs. fear walked the streets and now fear took me, fear is like the flu, one gets it, all get it.

The next time i saw fear was 1963, three men escaped from Alcatraz, at 6 I knew it was dumb,they were long gone, but I was the only one. go to google erath and find 381 union st in San Francisco, thats were I was at that time

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