Why I Loved The 70s

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Ashley, United States

I loved the 70's. I was in highschool, twirling flags in the band's flag corps. When I wasn't at a band practice or football game I was at the disco with my friends.

In the summertime Dad and I used to water ski on the Ohio River every day off his vacations and every weekend.
I also remember Cincinnati's Big Red Machine with Pete Rose and Johnny Bench and Dave Conception like someone else mentioned above.
Mom and I watched the Red's in the World Series at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati in 75 and 76 I think.

I was also into bowling, roller skating, reading, and swimming. I didn't need computers or computer games to have fun. I kept busy without them.

I loved music and played my 45s and LPs a lot. I had 8-track tapes later but they got messed up too easily.
The tapes unraveled and broke a lot. Maybe I played them too much. My friends and I used to follow our high school wrestling team to all their matches as well as go to the football games (before I was in the Flag Corps).

We cruised in my friend's 66 Mustang all over town with the music blasting.

My boyfriend in '77 loved Star Wars so much he went to see it something like 17 times at the theater. I worked at King's Island just north of Cincinnati. I got in for free when I wasn't working which was a blast. Except for my parents divorcing in the 70s, that was a wonderful time for me. I know a lot of people make fun of disco and the CB craze but it was FUN!


  1. Ashley,
    I remember 8 tracks well, They iether went slow and sounded bad or dirt on the head sounded bad and if that wasn't enough what a pain in the but to try and get them out when they had jammed inside

    thanks for the memory


  2. Ashley I got in to cb before it was a fad, my call sign was kad1012 it lead me to get my ham. now my call sign is kf6rck. the 70's were cool, I turned 20 in late 1976 I had a good job makeing over 5 dollars an hour, I had a blast back then gas was 50 cents, a 6 pack of beer was a buck and a 20 dollar bill would last me all weekend, those were the days.. from kf6rck