Dreams Do Come True

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Abraham, United States

Dreams do really do come true.
My Name is Abraham, the car behind us is a 1940 Dodge Sedan with suicide doors, and this is a one owner car bought brand new by Bill G. in photo.
As a young boy 8yr Old I dreamed of owning this car and I have been trying to buy this car from him,
I moved from there and before I knew it another 15 years had passed, and I came back home and I bumped into Bill in a local Wal-Mart and we began to do some reminiscing about the good OL days, and he asked me to stop by his house the following morning at 10:00.Am,
So as I pulled up in the yard I saw the car that I only dreamed of for so many years, it was sitting there, and it was in the same place that I had last seen it as a young boy, and as Bill walked me around the car telling me she had an extra ding or two and she would need some paint and a lot of TLC.
Bill then told me there were 5 different people trying to buy the car, and he told me that he told them he would have to check with Abraham as he has asked for this car first; luckily I was able get the car as it is a dream come true.
Bill is now 95 years old, and I am 38 years old and I am hoping this summer to take him for a ride in it as that is the only request from him.
Thank you Have a great day.

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