Sharing Memories From Growing Up In The 70s

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Lil immigrant girl, United States

I was born in 1965 so i don't remember the '60s, only thru my father's music. But i came to United States from Guatemala in 1975, that's when my life began for me. My favorite memories are from '75 to '79. The 1st song i remember liking that was popular in '75 was BRICK HOUSE by the Commodores. I look back on those days now and love them & love and appreciate my dad and his efforts to bring us to this great country. During that time I had my 1st bike, I learned to ride a bike, I learned how to ride a skate board, I learned to how speak English, I learned to play kick ball at school, I learned how to dance the HUSTLE during p.e. I am grateful that i got the chance to live the 'American dream' at least for a little while. In the early '80s several kidnappings took place, we couldn't walk to & from school anymore...everything changed. That's why the late '70s is what i remember fondly. Watching the Carol Burnett show, Donny & Marie, Little house, Laverne & Shirley, and so on and so on. I could write a book, but i won't bore you, i just wanted to share a little...

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  1. Thanks for sharing , sounds like you had a great time growing up , funny how music is so important to our childhood memories