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The Kids back then, United States

I was 8 years old in 1979. I remember being able to roam around my block as much as i wanted without my mom having to worry about where I was.
I also remember how much "cooler" the older kids were back then. By older I mean...14-15 years old. I remember one day I was looking at something that was in a small puddle by the side of the street.
It was probably nothing really important, but I remember that bubbles seemed to be coming up from the bottom for some reason. Two older kids, I would say about in the 14-15 year old range came by on their bikes.
They were the "cooloest" bikes to own back then...the bmx ones with the plastic mag. wheels. One kid wore a gold chain around his neck. I remember them stopping by me and asking me what's up. I was a really quiet kid then and pretty shy, but I was able to show them the puddle and what it semmed to be doing. They got off their bikes and watched the bubbles for a short time and then got back on their bikes.

They then just said something like, "take care man," and left. They didn't bother me at all. So kids just seemed to be alot "cooler" then. But, that's just my opinion from back then.

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  1. those was the days,play baseball all day you could'nt wait for spring to get here to get baseball cards.back then you didnt see no kids inside the house in the summer or winter.i wish i could go back to the 70's,if they tell me if i could go back to the 70's what will i take with me now ill tell them nothing no cell phone,xbox myspace etc because i know ill have fun without them i just need a softball and a bat just to create my child hood..