Remember Those Great Seventies

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Sue, United Kingdom

I remember the fashion of flares, platforms & wedge shoes, liking school, hating school,

Dib Dab Sherbert sweets,

The Partridge Family Show, The Osmonds (Cartoon) Show, Land of the Giants, Lost in Space,

Getting my first record player & playing my compilation album hits such as The Sweet, Alvin Stardust, The Glitter Band....oh my goodness!!

We played outside without a care in the world, playing snails, hopskotch, rounders, piggy in the middle, american skipping. There was loads to keep us kids entertained.

No computers, mobile phones, iPods or PSP's. We made do with paper doll cut outs from comics & made outfits for our dolls out of mums old clothes.

My favourite food was chips (french fries) from the van that used to come round the area, you could smell it before the siren was sounded. That vinegar & chips smell was delicious.

I remember the 70's well, loved it better than the 80's.

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