An Unamarican Hippy

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Sassy, United States

growing up in a small town in kentucky was so exciting in the 60s.
i remember writing a paper in high school on why i thought the vietnam war was wrong.i was expelled for 3 days.
my father was really mad at me.
i remember him calling me an unamerican hippie.
the 60s were my growing up years and i have such wonderful memories of them.i still love the music from that era.

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  1. Farout getting expelled for what you wrote about the war! You most likely told it like it was and they couldn't handle the truth - especially from a kid! I remember back then and it was all about "kids are better seen than heard". I think your Dad had it wrong. You were probably a Rebel Hippy instead. Groovy! Right on! To this day, I would be proud to have been kicked out for that!