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My passion for my memories of the 50' and 60's grew into a rather large collection of nostalgic items (incluuding a costume actually worn by Bozo The Clown in the 1960's, he is now my close friend).

I also spent several years on an oldies radio staion playing the music I loved and interviewed hundreds of celebrities from the 50's and 60's, some of whom are no longer with us but survive on tape.

From all that came two and a half years of writing that culminated in something called "Nostalgia: The Big List". It is a compilation of EVERYTHING nostalgic. Nearly 8,000 entries from tv and movies, to hairdo's and fads, cars and clothes and everyting else in bewteen.
You can take a serious walk down memory lane with this book. It's cheap too because it is available on compact disc reducing the cost of printing a book. Pop it into the computer and read it there or print it out.

Visit www.waxstuff.com for information on ordering.

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