Life must have been so cool In The 60s

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jackee lynn, United States

well i wasn't alive in the 1960's but i have researched it thoroughly and i have to say life must have been so cool! and lots of cool inventions were made in those years.from playdoh to zip codes....and all the stuff you got away with like no seatbelts and hanging out with who ever you want..i would have loved it.and also back then they had the best music that the words of the song really had an exact feeling and meaning.

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  1. Oh yes Jackie.

    The 60's were the best ever.
    I was just out of high school and life was so much easier than it is today. The anticipation of the future was wonderful.
    So many new opportunities.
    I was one of the lucky ones.

    Have seen lots of new and great inventions and ideas in my 67 years.
    Life is still good.
    We're lucky to live here in the USA.
    People seemed nicer back then and you did not have to keep up with the Joneses so to speak.
    People were more friendly, honest and up front with you. We laughed a lot, worked hard, and enjoyed our free time more.
    Also had our share of worries just as we do today with illnesses and $ concerns, but we had less pressure from the outside world.
    I'd give anything to go back to the 60's and know what I know now.
    Have a good life. It goes by quickly.