Marlboro Man Advert 1980s

As we continue with our research for The People History sometimes I come across something I think is worth sharing

 This is a 1980 Advert for Marlboro Cigarettes, Every where you looked from the 1920's through to the 1990's Cigarette Advertising was used heavily in all forms of media but one of the longest and most successful campaigns was for Marlboro Cigarettes using a Cowboy ( Marlboro Man ) , this add is a great example, the logo for the product does not detract from the great photograph of a cowboy on his horse.

I think this add features the rancher / cowboy Darrell Winfield who was used for nearly 20 years up to the mid 1980's in Marlboro Man adds. ( Please correct me if I am wrong )

As I look through our research material I am struck by the fact nearly 1 in 4 adds in magazines of every type was for cigarettes,

Others who were used in Marlboro Man Adds included Wayne McLaren, David McLean and Dick Hammer who all died of Lung Cancer,

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