Food We Ate in The 60s

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Donna, USA, Food My Mum Cooked in the 1960's

Food in the sixties, my mother cooked about every meal we had, we rarely went to a restaurants, except when we were on vacation. This was before there was a mcdonalds on every corner. We had creamed chicken with rice or toast, meatloaf and something mama called porcupine balls made out of ground beef too. Chicken was usually fried and cut up by my father, not sure why. Mama made composed salads out of a pear or peach half on a lettuce leaf and it had some mayo in the cavity with grated cheese on top of it. The only crackers i recall are saltines. we had potato chips and fritoes to go with our sandwiches which were made out of white bread and bologna, never ham or turkey or the healthy things we have today. Or maybe peanut butter or egg salad. No one had ever heard or seen yogurt, it would have been labeled a foreign food. And as far as those go, pizza was not everywhere either, I remember my mom making a pizza from a boxed mix like Chef Boy AR Dee and she put cheddar cheese on it! I do not remember seeing a lot of overweight people like we have today even though we ate a lot of fried food and used real mayonaise in our potato salads. My mom always had cookies around, she baked pretty often, usually oatmeal or peanut butter. I do remember being told to eat my peas, couldn't stand them as a child, but i LOVE them today. I wonder what the kids today are going to remember.


  1. I can remember some of the same stuff Donna , Makes you wonder is the problem fast food or exercise or a bit of everything causes overweight

  2. I know a guy in his 70's who has practically lived on doughnuts and scrambled eggs on toast since childhood and he is very fit and healthy. He just walks everywhere. Makes you think!

  3. I know that this is the wrong site, but i wanted to know why dont u have a commment box on the 50's pages. Also, who wrote the 50's pages. I dont care if it is confidential!

  4. what about lemon bars?
    did you eat lemon bars?

  5. Back in my day....

    i have a school project on the 60's and i need som good recipes fo 60's food. What was popular? how do i make it? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

  6. im the same with anonymous lol i i have a skool project the same questions as him/her.

  7. In the 1960s and 1970s we had REAL FOOD. very few things where from a box, most things where from scratch. As for you recipies from the 60s and 70s...I could give you 100s. To make your life easier, go to your library and check out a Betty Crocker recipie book.
    The only one that comes to my mind right now is Meat Loaf.
    Take a package of hamburger. and add 2 eggs and bread sqish it with your hands. Add cut up onion and green papper. NOTHING FROM POWDER. there was few if any around at the time. Put this in a pan in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes. In the mean time. Go outside, Mow the law, play with the dog, Swing on the swings with friends, go talk to your nextdoor neighbors take a walk around the block. When you return, your meatloaf should be done. BTW, one meatloaf should feed a family of 8 with enough for everyone to have a meatloaf sandwich the next day, Our family of 5 could eat left overs for a couple of days. Which brings to mind... We excersized MORE and ate a LOT less.

  8. hehe im the same as a few people on here - im doin a skwl project

    so yeah...HELP!


    oh...n wat the hell r lemon bars???

  9. my mom served spam with everything

    spam sandwiches
    spam fritters
    spam salad


    i hated it then and i hate it now

  10. same thing - Mom made everything from scratch, going out to eat meant going to Nana's house. The one food I remember that I couldn't eat then & still can't stomach is Creamed Peas & Tuna on Toast - GROSS!

  11. I hated corned beef as a kid and I still do now , corned beef sandwiches yukkk , corned beef hash yukkkk yukk

  12. my mum made everything from scratch and the best of all was old fashioned bread pudding made with all the stale bread, currents, raisons, sultanas, not sure what else went in but it never lasted for long my brother and I would have it nearly finished pretty quick

  13. i am the same as some kids on here i was wondering what fast sood places there were 2 eat at during the 60's