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Milkmans Son, United States, My father was a traditional milkman

My father was the traditional milkman. Up at 3:00 a.m., got to the dairy by 4:30, on the milk route by 5:00, home be 5:30 p.m. He had (and still has some) of the original wooden milk crates and glass bottles w/caps. He would be given bottles of "booze" in the milk shoots as gifts from his customers. No matter how much snow or ice, he would get the milk/cream/etc delivered to everyone. I treasure those days when I would get up early with him and eat breakfast and watch the sun rise. He taught me a great work ethic and you do not have to make alot of money to have a happy life. He is 80 now, and his granddaughter is interviewing him for her 4th grade project on being a milkman. He still roller skates/dances and can bike up to 20 miles per day. I thank God for him.


  1. Where have those days gone! We need them back! As 2 paycheck family homes continue, it is more and more difficult to manage all the adult responsibilities. I think if all of the other generations would get a taste of what real milk is, and not the plastic, overly pasturized versions of it today, kids might drink more of it. Also all of the other frequent stops for bread, cereals, juices, eggs and other items coulsd be added to the delivery, so Mom or Dad would be able to directly home to theor families after work!

    Milkman lover

  2. Remember the cream rose to the top and when you opened the cardboard cap inside, you licked the thick cream from it!

  3. Was there ever a woman "milkman"?

  4. there were loads of Lady Milkman and also husband and wife teams who worked on the milk rounds together.

    Many milkman also employed kids on a saturday because of the extra work involved in collecting the money . I know that because as a 15 year old I worked for a milkman at the weekends starting at 4.00 AM

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    Im a food writer and am working on a piece on the return of milk delivery services. I think all these comments are fascinating and was wondering if there is any way I can get in touch with the person who wrote the original post about their father being a milkman.
    My email is nadia.arumugam at gmail dot com
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  6. I exchanged emails with the last commenter and if any of those reading this memory who was a milkman in the 40s to 60s or who had a father / grandfather was milkman who would be happy to share any details of what it was really like to be a milkman in the 40's - 60's
    please contact Nadia at nadia.arumugam at gmail dot com

  7. I remember our Milkman- "Curly" was always there too delivering whatever it was that Mom & Dad had for the days order. I remember back then the doors were never locked so Curly could just walk right in & put the milk and other groceries in the refrigerator & Curly always had a smile on his face. Those really were the good ol' days. If I could only turn back time.....