TV shows I watched in the 70s

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John, USA, TV shows I miss from the 70's

I was remembering some of the TV I watched as a child and missing them , just a few of my own favourites I can remember below

2 officers from the California Highway Patrol riding their motorcycles through southern California

About Field hospital based in Vietnam during the Vietnam War

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Vietnam should read Korean War as pointed out by our visitors in comments

Sanford & Son
Sitcom based around father and son junk dealers

Happy Days
Teenage life in the mid-1950s. featuring The Fonz who can forget thumbs-up gesture,"aaayyh!", and leather jacket

The Muppetts
The Waltons
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Bob Newhart

If you look at the list not one was based on violence how times have changed

I am sure I missed some others that I can't remember right now so please leave your comments with your own favourites


  1. You have missed a few I can remember from the 70's

    All in the Family
    The Brady Bunch
    Laverne & Shirley
    The Odd Couple

    And I must be older than you as here are some from the 60's

    The Addams Family
    The Avengers
    Dick Van Dyke Show
    Gilligan's Island
    Hogan's Heroes
    I Dream Of Jeannie
    The Twilight Zone

    And I still think the Twilight Zone is good now

  2. Check the show M*A*S*H again. It's the 50's in KOREA. Not Vietnam, & the 60's.... Big difference. Pay attention.

  3. its the Korean war you dumbass not the vn war. if you are giving information take the responsability and get it right.

  4. Sorry about that

    Have left the original posters wrong war but added a comment from webmaster to correct information

    Our memories are funny things and it is easy to get mixed up , On our memories section we leave mistakes on fact, grammar and spelling as posts that come from our visitors are how and what they remember about a time, event or experience in their lives, but in this case because of the number of comments we have added the additional note

  6. I am helping my son do a paper of Shopping Shows, does anyone know of anything that was actually sold on TV in the 70's. Not commercials


  7. Comment on the "MASH" mistake. Don't have to be hateful, just let them know they made a mistake and correct it. The only one who walked on earth and was perfect was Jesus Christ. There is no need for dirty language.

  8. The TV show MASH was set in the 1950's and about the Korean Conflict, but if you've watched any of the reunion shows today, even the actors say that most of the anti-war talk was directed to the Vietnam War that was going on at the time.

  9. I'm not sure if this is an 80's tv show or 90's, but i'm looking for the name of a vietnam war tv show that played the song "Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stones as its introductory song.

  10. The program with 'paint it black' as the theme tune is I think called 'tour of duty'.

    As for the show mentioned 'Sanford & Son' that wouldn't per chance be a remake of the british sitcom 'Steptoe & Son' would it?

  11. I think your right mogues, was an American Version of Steptoe and Son

  12. The show you are looking for was Called Tour of Duty.
    I don't know why people couldn't just answer your question rather than attack your errors.
    You can find it on